12 Best LinkedIn Email Finder Tools In 2023 (with key features)

LinkedIn has become a goldmine for businesses looking to connect with professionals across various industries. It's the most important and simply essential tool for sales and marketing professionals to find leads. However, even if you're able to find that one lead that looks just like your ICP, chances are you will not be able to find their contact information directly on their Linkedin profile page. That's where LinkedIn email extractor tools come in. These tools allow you to find email addresses of LinkedIn profiles, helping you build a robust database for your marketing and sales campaigns. Here, we present the 12 best LinkedIn email extractor tools in 2023, complete with their most stand-out features to help you choose the right tool for your needs.

  1. Snov.io Snov.io is a versatile tool that offers both single and bulk email extraction. It also provides a Chrome extension for easy access. The tool verifies the emails it extracts, ensuring you get only valid addresses.
  1. Hunter.io Hunter.io is known for its accuracy and speed. It allows you to find and verify professional email addresses from LinkedIn and other platforms. It also provides a confidence score for each email address.
  1. Voila Norbert Voila Norbert is a reliable tool for finding email addresses associated with a particular domain. It also verifies the emails it finds, ensuring high deliverability.
  1. Find That Email As the name suggests, Find That Email is dedicated to finding email addresses. It offers a straightforward interface and provides accurate results.
  1. Anymail Finder Anymail Finder is known for its extensive database. It can find email addresses even if the person has never used LinkedIn.
  1. Clearbit Connect Clearbit Connect is a Gmail plugin that allows you to find emails right from your inbox. It also provides detailed information about the contacts.
  1. Adapt.io Adapt.io is a sales acceleration platform that offers a LinkedIn email extractor tool. It also provides a database of companies and contacts.
  1. LeadLeaper LeadLeaper is a LinkedIn email extractor tool that allows you to find and capture hundreds of leads in minutes. It also offers a free version with limited features.
  1. Skylead Skylead is a smart LinkedIn automation tool. It not only extracts emails but also sends personalized messages to your prospects.
  1. LeadGibbon LeadGibbon offers a database of over 200 million contacts. It allows you to find and verify email addresses, and export them to a CSV file.
  1. ContactOut ContactOut is a simple browser extension that helps you find email addresses and phone numbers of anyone on LinkedIn. It claims to have the highest return rates in the industry.
  1. Mailmo.io Mailmo.io is a professional business Linkedin email finder. It offers free and accurate email extraction for unparalleled deliverability. It provides 100 free searches and 100 free verifications monthly and guarantees 98%+ deliverability. It uses all most common email verification methods, including SMTP validation and 3rd party verification. It also offers single or bulk search options and provides a validity score for all emails. Mailmo also offers a Chrome extension to find emails on Linkedin to find business emails directly on social network's profiles.