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Hundreds of startups, organizations, and individual freelancers use Mailmo to land their cold business emails directly to ICP inboxes.

Find valid email of any professional

Every day we scan millions of websites to find verified emails, and double check them by querying SMTP servers as well as validating through 3rd party mailing services.

  • Go straight to recipient's inbox 98% of time
  • Reduce bounces by finding valid emails
  • Ensure your messages are not marked as spam
  • Improve your domain's email authority score
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Find emails that no one else has

Some emails can't be found publicly and are impossible to verify. To give you the best chance to reach the person you want, we use AI to find most plausable email address.
We look into:

  • Person's tenure at the company
  • Early and late company email patterns
  • ...and more

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Khristopher E. Freelance Research Specialist


Why more than 3,000 users choose our Linkedin email finder Chrome extension?

Find email of any Linkedin profile

We use live email lookup - first we check if the email is available publicly and then we test it for deliverability.

Free 100% email verification feature

All the found email addresses pass the real-time email verification process to avoid email bounces and charging for invalid emails.

100% risk-free searching on Linkedin

Unlike other similar tools, we never use your Linkedin account to scrape Linkedin. It will never get banned or get flagged for some reason.

Exporting data to CSV

You can save all relevant emails and export them to CSV with a click of a button.

Never pay for duplicates

Email addresses are never counted twice. If you revealed the email of a person previously, you won't be charged the second time

Catch-all emails are always free

As long as you have credits on your account, all catch-all emails that we find are totally free!

Popular questions about the Mailmo Email Finder

First, install the extension. Then, simply open any personal Linkedin profile and click "Find Email" button. We will do all the rest and try our best to find verified business email of that person.

In the process of locating professional emails, our primary approach is to search for them on publicly available platforms such as company websites, PR and news articles, blog posts, and social media posts. In situations where the email address is not publicly available, we employ various techniques to determine the email of the particular person.

This is how we do it:

- We check public internet and company website to find person's email publicly, or at least find the email pattern that the company is using.
- We then construct multiple email addresses based on the pattern, such as [email protected], [email protected], etc.
- To validate one or more of these emails, we utilize STMP queries as well look into what 3rd party tools think of these email addresses.
- After examining the results, we assign a probability score to determine the most likely email address.

Our primary source of verified emails is publicly available data. If we were able to find an email publicly, for examples, in PR articles or in company's website, the email is almost 100% valid. To make sure, we still run our comprehensive tests to confirm its validity. These tests include SMTP check, third party email verification and pattern matching.

If the email address passes most of these tests, we consider it valid and safe to send emails to. In cases where we are unable to find an email through public channels, we apply the same validation tests and also utilize proprietary AI algorithms to determine the likelihood of the email being valid.

Our platform allows for 50 free email searches per month, in other words, you can get contact details of 50 Linkedin personal profiles. We have paid plans too if you need more.

Yes, our email finder extension searches for emails of professional from any part in the world.

Our customers use Mailmo Linkedin Email Finder for:

Lead Generation

Quickly find verified email addresses of potential leads on LinkedIn, making the lead generation process easy, fast, and effective.


Easily obtain the email addresses of potential candidates, facilitating smoother communication and quicker hiring processes.

Market Research

Get the email addresses of key individuals in your target market or industry, enabling direct communication for market research purposes, and gaining insights to improve your business strategy.